Our Story

We take our products seriously, but not ourselves.

Hi I'm Lauren, and I'm the founder of Hyrbal (pronounced like "herbal", in case you were wondering!). I started Hyrbal because I have always believed in the power of all-natural herbs, vitamins and minerals, but am rightfully skeptical of the current vitamin and supplement industry. 

With little regulation or oversight in the US--let alone around the world--dietary supplements have historically been the "Wild West": meaning just about anything goes. This means that just about everything from the ingredient selection to the manufacturing process to to the marketing messages are decided by profit-driven companies that may or may not fully understand or care about human health. Occasionally, the FDA will step in and ban a dangerous ingredient, but unfortunately that often happens only after it harms a number of people, such as in the case of Ephedra

As a self-proclaimed control freak, I didn't like not knowing the TRUTH about what I was putting in my body, whether the facts actually aligned with all of the carefully-scripted marketing messages. I wanted to manufacture all-natural supplements that were well-researched, held to the highest standards of quality, and actually made a meaningful difference in people's lives and in their health. 

Also, I wanted to create a brand that I would actually enjoy having in my life on a daily basis. I found that most supplement brands have no soul: they are either completely devoid of personality (think of the supplement selection at your local CVS), or they position themselves as holier-than-thou by evangelizing (or demonizing!) certain ingredients for the sake of marketing (aka every other Millennial-focused supplement company on Instagram). It's all very exhausting.

I wanted to create a brand that is more fun, inspiring and POSITIVE than what is out there, so that people can actually derive a little bit of enjoyment from using our products. 

So, after hundreds of hours of research and consultations with experts in the field, I finally found the perfect reputable manufacturer for my 100% Made-in-the-USA blends, whose manufacturing standards met the most stringent current Good Manufacturing Practices, and whose team I could actually trust. 

Finally, I thought long and hard about how I could turn the simple and common word "herbal" into something extremely difficult to spell and pronounce (kidding!) and voila: Hyrbal was born.